Interview with residents of Hippopools


The following link is a video interview carried out with residents of Hippopools, a rural settlement near to Chingola. It was badly affected by the industrial polltion that came from KCM in October 2006. The only source of drinking water in the village is the Kafue river (shown at the end of the clip). The clip is not great quality so it can be downloaded. It has not been edited, and you are free to use it as you wish in geography lessons. If anybody would like a better copy please leave a message on this site.


Video 1 – Hippopools interview (28MB)


11 Responses to “Interview with residents of Hippopools”

  1. goneunderground Says:

    Hi there! I’d really appreciate a ‘tidy copy’ – no rush, whenever convenient, thanks!

  2. Rob Cha Says:

    So would I if at all possible (again only when convenient) – what a fantastic trip it must have been.

  3. geogtastic Says:

    A “tidy copy” would be great – thank you. The trip looks amazing, and I really enjoyed reading your “diary”!

  4. Mr Biebrach Says:

    No problem. Please email me with addresses to send CD.

  5. Helen Says:

    Got very excitied at the thought of this then it wouldn’t let me download (well, I got the title slide and thats it!). Would love a ‘tidy’ copy if poss as I’m guessing this would be perfect for my 6th form

  6. Mr Biebrach Says:

    Thanks Helen. It should be working now.

  7. Rebecca Says:

    What a great opportunity, been meaning to set up a link with another school abraod and this has just reignited the spark and reminded me how benifical it could be. Would greatly appreciate a copy of the CD when its finished. Thanks

  8. Mr Biebrach Says:

    Hi Rebecca

    No problem. Please email an address to

  9. tione Says:

    I am preparing for a reciprocal visit to Wales in April from 21st to 28th April,2007.I will be hosted by Pencoed Comprehensive School where I hope to meet my very good friend Tom, staff , pupils and many other important people.

    I am personally enchanted by the very good comments you guys are making on the work we have done so far.It is very encouraging and this is giving us the drive to do even more.Look out for more on this web on the work we are doing.

  10. Pauline Says:

    Would appreciate a tidy copy – `I will be able to use it with my Year 7s next term as I have developed a unit on African Issues – used to just focus on Kenya but it’s now expanding!
    The address to send it to is Mrs P. Wright Gilbert Inglefield MIddle School, Vandyke Road,Leighton Buzzard, Beds LU7 3FU
    Many thanks

  11. Mr Biebrach Says:

    Hi Pauline, I will send it this evening. Hope it is useful.


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