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Summary film

27 February 2007

The following film is a collection of songs, speeches and images from my visit to Zambia. It includes a speech made by an important Zambian politician about the benefits of global school partnerships, traditional Zambian dances and singing, a message from Mr Simbeye (headteacher, Kabundi High School) and messages from Mr Phiri and Mr Biebrach. My attempt at dancing also features!

overview of visit (42MB) warning – large file and teacher dancing



HIV/AIDS discussions

10 February 2007

The following film is a collection of interviews on the topic of HIV/AIDS. The first part is an interview with patients attending an HIV clinic in Kabundi East, Chingola. The second interview is with Kabundi High School’s councellor, who oversees the HIV/AIDs sensitisation programme in school. The final interviews are with Year 12 students at Kabundi High School. The students were asked a range of questions such as how HIV is contracted, views on HIV patients in the community, awareness and opinions of sensitisation programmes and messages to students in Pencoed about HIV awareness.

Again the quality is not great to prevent the file being too large to download. If you let me know I will send a better quality version on CD.

Download HIV film (50MB)


Interview with residents of Hippopools

9 February 2007

The following link is a video interview carried out with residents of Hippopools, a rural settlement near to Chingola. It was badly affected by the industrial polltion that came from KCM in October 2006. The only source of drinking water in the village is the Kafue river (shown at the end of the clip). The clip is not great quality so it can be downloaded. It has not been edited, and you are free to use it as you wish in geography lessons. If anybody would like a better copy please leave a message on this site.


Video 1 – Hippopools interview (28MB)