Day 3 – Tuesday


I was treated to a whole school assembly. Pupils sang the national anthem and a hymn, which again took my breath away. IT technical issues (!) meant that I could only play the sound of my presentation but I hope students had a glimpse of Welsh culture. I met the governors and PTA and explained our commitment to the project and outlined our plans for the joint project on pollution and HIV/AIDS. Everyone expressed a keen interest in developing the project and including other departments.

Next we went to meet the mayor in the council chambers. This was again an important ceremony which we made me feel most humble but very proud that we have started this project.

We walked from the council offices to the town centre of Chingola. This took us past an area of high class housing which would have housed the white colonial British prior to independence. It now houses the more affluent Zambians. The picture shows a house which belongs to a local magistrate. I asked my hosts how Zambians feel about the colonial past. For many it is not an issue as people are more concerned with the here and now. For older Zambians there is still great resentment for the way Zambia was used purely for its resources with little care for the impacts. I can’t help but notice the parallels with the impacts of modern foreign owned multinational companies and their impact on modern Zambia. Geographers refer to this as neo-colonialism.

We visited a colonial era hotel which in its day would have been at least a 4star beauty. Now it has suffered a similar fate to the pot hole filled roads. Years of financial neglect has paid a heavy toll.

Tione checked the Zambian Times for our report, but nothing yet! This paper is the most popular in Zambia and they interviewed Tione and myself about our project.

Today my abiding memory is of the importance placed on protocol and a clear stratification of society. In ceremonial events one has to be very careful to adhere to correct ways of addressing positions of office so as not to cause offence.   

In the morning I will be teaching a year 12 class (18 year olds) about pollution in Zambia and Wales. We shall see how it goes!


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