Hello from Zambia



Hello everyone from Chingola, Zambia!

This first picture shows the welcome party at Ndola airport.


3 Responses to “Hello from Zambia”

  1. vladimir Says:

    I was many times in Chingola.1071-77. Selling Zecco Furniture to “Solankis” and “mines”. Or on my way to Lumumbashi via Kasumbalesa,It was a nice, beatiful place, as a big park.
    If Economy is developing I do not see why Chingola will not be a Touristc place as well.

  2. tione Says:

    Mr Vladmir, Where are you currently living?Chingola has the potential to develop but because if centralisation,resources for development are not easily forth coming.Apart from the privatisation of the mines was not gradually implemented.resulting ina lot of unforeseen negative consequences.The process in my view was more politically satisfying than economical.It is true Chingola can become a tourist place for a lot of people.The main issue is policy which does not seem to favour the tourism sector.

  3. aaron bj chibwe Says:

    mr.mwansa i see you and mrs.kapambwe.

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